The word gospel literally means "good news." So, what is the good news? The good news can be categorized in four parts: God the Creator, Fall of Man, Redemption of Christ, and Response Required. Within this framework, we hear the story of the most incredible, magnificent, and absolutely glorious King of all kings who although was infinitely satisfied with Himself, decided to create all things and make mankind in His own image to enjoy His love and glory forever.
Tragically, after God created Adam and Eve, they both fell into sin, which affected and infected the entire human race. Every person (including you and me) is born with a sinful nature, inclined toward sin, and under the condemnation of a holy God because of our offense toward Him. When we sin, we are defying His sovereign rule and deferring to our own self-rule. The consequence of this rebellion is an eternal separation from God's goodness, grace, kindness, and favor. Instead, our treason has earned us spiritual death headed to an eternal death where we will receive unending punishment in a place called hell under the fierce wrath of God forever.
Thankfully, God in eternity past had already made a pact with Himself to bring redemption to a fallen and dark world. The promises throughout the Bible pointed toward a King that would come and save mankind from this desperate plight. This King is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who took on flesh and was born into our world 2,000 years ago. For over thirty years, He lived perfectly without sin and completely obeyed the will of the Father. In a final act of obedience, Jesus gave His life on the cross to pay for our sins and absorb the punishment that we deserve. In a few short hours, Jesus accomplished an infinitely valuable payment that secured eternal forgiveness and complete righteousness to be gifted to all those who would trust in Christ Jesus. God displayed His stamp of approval by raising Jesus from the dead on the third day and after appearing to over 500 witnesses, on the 40th day, Jesus ascended into heaven.
Now, Jesus is calling everyone everywhere to repent and believe in Him. For those who run to Jesus, turning from their sin, and embracing Him as the Savior, Lord and Treasure of their life, eternal life and joy is the prize. Confessing your sin, turning from it and trusting Jesus as the only way and most satisfying King, you will be reconciled to God forever. You will be grafted into God’s family, sealed with His Spirit as a guarantee to be with Him for eternity to enjoy Him forever.